Getting Started

Welcome to Journal! 👋

Journal is a set of components designed to make it easy for members of a team to share knowledge. These components include a command-line client, journal that automates many of the common publish/deploy tasks, as well as a powerful theme for the Hugo static site generator that makes for pleasant reading experience.

In this guide, we’ll step through how to get a new instance of Journal up and running.

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Command Reference

The journal CLI is a simple wrapper designed to make it easy for team members to write and share notes. This guide includes a reference showing what commands are available via journal.

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When we created Journal, we knew we wanted the reading experience to be pleasant. This is why we’ve combined, adapted, and improved existing Hugo themes such as the excellent Casper and Academic themes into a powerful theme.

This guide demonstrates just some of the ways you can use Journal to write and share information.

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